A "30 minute dinner" is still too long

These days there seems to be a lot of resources for working parents to make healthy dinners in 30 minutes or less. Well, I’ve looked at those recipes and I know that those “30 minutes or less” dinners would still take too long.?? This weekend I finally realized why. First, let me tell you how I discovered the problem, then I will tell you about the actual problem.

Those of you who checked my post for Friday saw the simple yet well-received bacon-chicken wraps that I made for dinner. Emee declared them to be some of my best cooking ever, even though there wasn’t really any cooking involved. I promised in another post that when I photographed my dinner preparation results I would include a recipe, so the recipe for my “famous” bacon-chicken wraps is at the end of the post. If you look at the recipe, all you have to do is chop up a little bit of bell pepper and tomato for people to add to the wrap. And microwave some bacon for about 20 seconds. I would bet that if you found this online or in a cookbook, it would say it takes 15 minutes to fix. It took me 40 minutes. And when I realized how long it was taking me to fix this, I said to myself, “Why is this taking so long?” That’s how I discovered the problem.

Now, what is the actual problem? I don’t know about the other moms trying to fix dinner when they get home from work but??my problem is that I’m not just fixing dinner. When I get home I’m fixing dinner, feeding the cat, letting the dog out, getting called over to see Emee’s art projects for the week, getting called over to see??miscellaneous treats/goodies Emee received during the week,??going around to ask what everyone’s preference is for various aspects of the meal (like cheddar vs. Swiss cheese in the wrap), and??putting away dishes from the dishwasher while trying to find the utensils/dishes I need to make dinner. And that’s just the things??that??came up Friday when I was making the wraps, it’s different every night.??If I could just cook, those 30 minute dinners might be okay, but I don’t get that luxury at my house. Does any working mom?

Serves 3:


1 bag of mixed greens (I chose a mix of green and red butter lettuce)

1 bottle of your favorite ranch dressing

3 slices of pre-cooked bacon

1 container of grilled, sliced chicken breast (available in the luncheon meat section of your grocery store)

1 package of pre-sliced cheese of your choice (I used medium cheddar)

1 flour tortilla per person

1 red bell pepper

1 roma tomato

1 can of sliced olives


Cut the bell pepper in half, clean out the seeds and rinse. Dice half of the pepper and place in a bowl.


Cut the tomato in half, dice half of the tomato and place in a bowl.


Open and drain the olives, set aside.


Place the flour tortilla on a plate. Take one slice of cheese, break in half, and place in a line down the center of the tortilla. Put about 1/3 of the chicken on top of the cheese. Add a handful of the mixed greens. Pour approximately 2 Tbl of ranch dressing over the all the fixings. Heat the bacon in the microwave according to the directions and add??one slice to each wrap.


Allow each person to add tomatoes, peppers, olives, and additional ranch dressing to their taste.


Wrap the ingredients up in the tortilla and serve.


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