Good placement strategy

Over the last few weeks I have seen a very good placement strategy by FX channel (in contrast to the colonge in the baby aisle I saw over the weekend).

I watch “Damages” on FX and last season there was a smoldering cowboy love interest for the main character. The cowboy was played by Timothy Olyphant. Here’s what I’ve seen:

  • Over the last few weeks they have been running advertisements for Timothy Olyphant’s new FX series “Justified”
    • I added a season pass on my Tivo for “Justified” just days before the series premiere
  • During this week’s episode they ran an ad for an old Timothy Olyphant movie, “Hitman” that was going to be shown before this week’s episode of “Justified”
    • Since I have Tivo and am not tied to the TV schedule, I was watching “Damages” during the presentation of “Hitman.” But I went and added “Hitman” to my Netflix queue so the ad still worked.

Now that’s how you do “product placement.”

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