The day has come….

Well, it’s happened. The day I’ve been dreading since January when Emee got moved into the “advanced” pre-team class at gymnastics. Last night her hands and feet were off the ground at the same time for the first time. Okay, so her coach was holding on to her the whole time, but it’s just a matter of time before that changes.


But you should have seen the smile on her face the whole time her coach was helping her with those first few back handsprings. There was one, in particular, where she pushed off nice and even, got good speed on bringing her legs around, and (I’m sure) felt like she did it almost all on her own (although I know from watching the coaches help various girls that that hand on the back is helping hold a lot of their weight through the whole move). She couldn’t stop grinning the whole time her coach was helping her.


In fact, she was so excited about finally getting to do her first back handsprings, she couldn’t keep from singing. Okay, not right in the moment like some corny musical. But later in the practice I saw her standing against the far wall waiting for her turn to do her vault and I could tell she was singing Miley Cyrus’ song “Party in the USA.” Complete with little dance moves and hand gestures.


You may ask how I could tell from across a noisy gym what song she was singing: there is a certain way she holds her head when she is doing the “Hey-yey-yeyey” part. Plus the only other song she sings at random moments is Selena Gomez’s “Natural” and Emee’s body language for that song is totally different, so I could tell which song is was.


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