Gymnastics Meet Update

As promised, here are pictures from Emee’s gymnastics meet yesterday. She did great, the pictures did not turn out so great. I did not have a very good angle for the floor routine and that’s were I usually get the best pictures. But I got a sort of decent picture for the vault, which is near impossible to photograph, and I got a good picture on the bars, which I’m usually too far away from to get pictures. I picked the best picture from each event to post here.

And for the results:

Beam – White (this is her least favorite event, she didn’t fall off this time… which is a HUGE achievement, it was her best beam ever)

Floor – White (she got a blue last time but she didn’t do one of the moves this time and she got a little behind the music)

Vault – Red (she was one of the few girls that understood the directions and did the level 3 vault first and the level 4 vault second)

Bar –  Red (this is her favorite event, no wonder it’s one of her best, too)

This was her last recreational meet for the “year”… the gymnastics club follows the school year so she will have a new “year” of meets this fall. But since she is in pre-team, I think she actually has two more meets, these next two are going to be a little more competitive since they will be at other gyms. I think everyone will still get a ribbon but it will get her (and the rest of the pre-team girls) used to performing in a strange gym.



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